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Our conditions :

Discounts are given on the normal full French price. We supply all books at a basic discount rate of 12.5%, rising steadily from 10 copies of a title ordered (13%), etc…until 18-20% on bulk orders. In rare cases, a book may be sold with reduced discount, or even none at all, if the publisher concerned does not offer a trade discount.

All postage and freight costs are met by the customer. We adapt the postage and freighting system used to the specific requirements of the customer. We seek to offer at all times the best possible value for money and speed.

Our invoices must be paid within 6 weeks of the date of the invoice, and if paid after the due date a late-payment penalty charge is added to the total.
First-time customers may be asked to pre-pay a Proforma Invoice for their first order.

Returns will be accepted up to a limit of 6 months following the date of the original invoice.
The freight costs of all returns must be borne by the customer, and an authorisation  must be obtained from us before any returns are despatched back. Returns must be in mint condition, and will be credited to your account against subsequent purchases as soon as the publishers concerned have approved the returns.

Payment is accepted by cheque or bank draft in euros payable on a bank in France, or by direct bank transfer, and by Visa or Mastercard.

UK customers may pay by cheque in GBP for the amount in £ indicated on the invoice

EU countries?
Customers in EU member countries may pay by cheque in euros.


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